Most Frequent Asked Questions

How can you tell if someone is a Narcissist?

Sense of self importance and preoccupation with power, beauty or success. They can only be around people who are givers, caring, important or special, thus they are interpersonally exploitative for their own gain. The Narcissist lacks empathy, is arrogant, plays the victim, needs constant validation, is always right etc..

Is there a cure for Narcissism?

There is no cure but therapy can help the victims build goals, self esteem, self confidence, and put boundaries.

Can a Narcissist love someone?

Narcissist may show you love, and act in loving ways, but it is conditional to what you can give them in return. If they apologize they do it also for their own benefit rather than genuine remorse.

What causes Narcism?

Environment, parent-child relationships, with either too much adoration or too much criticism, genetic- inherited traits of narcissism.

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